Student Testimonials


My Promise to you.

It is my promise to you to embrace you as you are, no matter how you show up to class. All that matters to me is you make the effort to show up, and be present for yourself. In turn, I will promise to safely guide you through class so that you may get what you need out of your practice that day.

What those Familiar with my teaching have to say:



When I first met Emily it was way before her days of being a yoga instructor, but she already had a light about her that lit up a room. That was over 17 years ago. That light still carries on with her in and out of the studio. Her patience and nurturing nature make her a perfect instructor for anyone seeking the benefits of yoga.

— Cody G.


Emily’s classes are always so creative! She keeps it playful and challenging.

— Andrea P.


Emily’s approach is informed by her innate love of the outdoors and helping living things thrive—sentient and non. At heart thoughtful and nonjudgemental, she is a playful yogi who empowers students to be their best versions of themselves. Emily is a great addition to the community of yoga in Eau Claire, WI!

— Meghan H.

I love working with Emily! She is so kind and considerate of everyone’s abilities and ranges of motion. She makes time to say hello/get to know everyone she teaches. She is very open minded to suggestions and caters a class around what body part the class would like to work on today. She is the reason we have kept up with yoga for the past 3 years!

Sarah C.



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