Emily Dusek
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Tel. +1 651 324 8576
E.  hello@petal2themettle.com

First and foremost, I am a caregiver who is passionate about helping other living beings live their most beautiful and fulfilling life. 

Human or plant forms of matter are each important in that I have a burning desire to facilitate the groundwork for living the best life possible.

This desire was borne in me as a child who grew up bouncing in and out of hospitals due to a primary immune deficiency. This experience left me with the sensation of feeling disembodied and as though everything around me was only a dream. 

One of the things to help me create a sense of attachment to my body and the earth was gardening. Feeling my hands in the soil was (and is to this day) an almost magical experience of grounding down and what feels like connecting to my ancestors. This love of gardening and caring for plants, helping them live their best and most beautiful life is what led me to become a horticulturist. 

Upon graduation with my Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, I became a Client Manager. Here, I was tasked with acquiring and retaining clients, meeting with them to better understand their wants and needs. Then turning their vision into reality with the help of my crew that I managed. During my tenure of about four years in that role, I only lost two clients. 

While working so intensely with nature, I was able to uncover my own true nature and relearn how to listen to the messages my body has been telling me. This is what led me to pursue becoming a Mayo trained health coach and yoga teacher. 

As a health coach and yoga teacher, it is my goal to meet you where you are and partner with you on your journey. As a midwestern girl raised on a hobby beef cow farm, I know how hard, scary and sometimes alienating lifestyle change can be. But I am here to be your accountability partner and help you navigate through the tangled path that life can sometimes feel like.    


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